Brice Abba

Brice Abba

Brice ABBA is currently the Stakeholder Development Manager and formerly Technical Trainer Team Lead at AFRINIC on Internet-related technologies. He helped several countries in their national IPv6 deployment plan and is also an instructor for the School on Internet Governance (SIG). He was a System Administrator at MORPHO Identification for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for several countries and has trained many system administrators all over Africa on using and maintaining an AFIS.

Involved in the Internet community since 2006, he has been the Project Manager of ISOC Côte d’Ivoire and System Administrator at the Network Information Centre of Côte d’Ivoire ( where he wrote a paper on DNSSEC.


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IPV6 Deployathon
October 26, 2021 15.00-16.00