Darwin Costa

Darwin Costa

Darwin holds a Master in Internet Business & Bachelor in Business Information Science.

Currently working at De-CIX Management GmbH largest IXP (Internet exchange point) in the world and with primary focus on premium network interconnection services as Senior Business Development responsible for Africa & LATAM region.

Since 2012, Darwin Costa worked at multinational Angola Cables. Over the past 7 years, he has had the chance to work as a technical, sales and IP product specialist on the product side.

Dynamic and adaptive individual who enjoys challenges and have a very high work ethic. Enjoys working in teams’ environments but excelled as an individual. Likes to enlarge technical, business knowledge and take on new challenges with a high

sense of duty. Always being innovative, creative, motivated for new challenges.

Over the past years I had the chance to be part of strategic projects such as:

  • Volunteer: PDWG Co-Chair (2021 – 2022) (https://afrinic.net/policy/development-working-group)
  • Volunteer: Vice-Chair Admin Committee (2020)
  • PeeringDB Admin Committee (2020)
  • Volunteer: Program Committee member of AFPIF (2020 – 2022)
  • Volunteer: Angolan ISP Association Technical Advisory Board (2019)
  • Volunteer: Chair of: AOPF (Angolan Peering Forum) & AONOG (Angolan Network Operation group) 2019;
  • Volunteer: Program Committee member of GPF (Global Peering Forum)2018
  • Implementation and management of the largest IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in Angola – Angonixwww.angonix.net
  • Implementation of Root-servers in Angola in order to answer requests for records in the root zone and answers other requests by returning a list of the authoritative name servers for the appropriate top-level domain(TLD). http://www.root-servers.org
  • Implementation of large CDNs (content delivery networks) in Angola in order to minimize latency for the end users (on mobile or FTTH backbones);
  • Expanding Core/Edge IP PoP(s) from Angola Cables on a global scale; https://www.angolacables.co.ao/cable-routes/?lang=en
  • Interconnection negotiation(s) with all kinds of suppliers and partners. Managed to close direct peering sessions with companies such as: KPN, Orange, ZAYO, PCCW, etc.


  • Master’s in Internet Business at ISDI University;
  • Bachelor of: “Business Information Science”. Netherlands – University of Saxion of Applied Sciences;
  • Cisco CCNA certification;


  • Dutch;
  • English:
  • Spanish;
  • Afrikaans;
  • Portuguese;


  • XP (Angonix) coordinator;
  • Interconnection negotiations;
  • Analyze and report on network traffic and optimize network design, routing policies, peering and upstream connectivity.
  • Experience in a carrier environment, wholesale or large retail ISP;
  • IGP/BGP, IPv4, IPv6, DNS; MPLS;
  • Ability to multitask;